Author: Carla


For the 2nd day in a row, I entered my bedroom and noticed that my bedside writing pad had been turned 90 degrees and was balanced between the nightstand and the edge of my bed. What was going on? Did I turn it in my sleep meaning to write down a dream? Or was it […]

The Life-Giving Yoke

I’d read these verses many times before. Why did they hit me so profoundly this time around? Sometimes I think that we allow scripture to become too familiar. Also, our minds are often “dull of hearing” (Hebrews 5:11) so that the weight of the message does not impact us until the word comes through, accompanied […]

When Rest Accomplishes More

I was startled awake by the distant ringing of my phone. The clock read five forty-something, almost six o’clock. A bit later than I normally get up. But this morning, I was sick. Still sick from a bad something-or-other that I caught around the end of the year. I was tired and wanted to go […]

Joy, Pain, and Dancing

Joy and pain, in sun and rainYou’re the same, oh, You never let go I had to laugh when I heard these lyrics this morning from David Crowder Band’s You Never Let Go. Just a few days ago, I’d gone to one of my favorite places to shop, the local thrift store. I love to […]

Revival is Coming

I faded from sleep into waking consciousness, full of excitement and wonder at the dream I was having. I knew I needed to remember it. I pondered it, trying to solidify it in my mind as sleep worked to come upon me again. I reached for the pen on the nightstand and jotted down a […]

Called to Dance (Testimony)

As I sat in the dimly lit room filled with Christian women at a weekend retreat, the prophetic psalmist paused between songs. Then she called me out and said, “this next one’s for you.” She poured out the Lord’s words to me in song, “just like a swan on a lake… like the ripple on […]

A Voice Worth Listening To

“What… am… I… doing… here?” In the middle of the rocking worship music and excited crowd, the dark thought seemed to instantly land on me trying to sink claws of depressive discouraging feelings into my vulnerable soul. As I looked around, suddenly feeling alone, I entertained that thought for a split second and immediately heard, […]